General disclaimer

All products are sold as hobby products for home use only. They are not intended for production environments.
I cannot guarantee that the product will work in your specific situation or use case.

Hardware disclaimer

All custom boards are tested before shipment.
EMS interface boards are tested in receive and transmit mode on a Nefit boiler with the standard EMS bus.
Although much thought went into fool-proofing the hardware design, there are always 'better' idiots. If your board does not work, be assured it has been tested and verified here so there is likely a problem on your side.
If you do think the board itself is defective, please send me an email.
Please note that some boilers do not respond to TX data as generated by Proddy's firmware. This is not a problem of the board itself. There is still lots of work to do in the reverse engineering of the protocol and therefore this is an ongoing process.

If not mentioned otherwise, products are not fully RoHS adherent. If you need this, contact me for more information.

Depending on the batch the PCB color will be different. The current board color is premium white. There is however no difference in function with 'older' boards of the V0.9 series.

Firmware disclaimer

Wherever firmware is loaded onto the microcontroller, please refer to the specific Github repository of the code for more information on its use and which licenses apply.

I do not provide any formal support for the code, I only load the firmware onto the microcontroller for your convenience.

The firmware version installed is noted on a sticker on the ESD bag of the microcontroller. Because Github repositories change all the time, I cannot guarantee that you will receive the latest version available.
In general you will receive the current or the previous stable version. But in some cases the version may be older if I deem the newer versions less stable.
If you need functionality that is not available in an older version, please contact me whether I can write a newer firmware version to the Wemos (do this before ordering).